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2nd Annual Indy Laser Fall Festival

Bring the whole family to meet Miss Indiana, Cheerleaders, Dyayne Allen, Adam Vinatieri, Jack Hawksworth and Blue Indy Laser and Core Pilates & Fitness will be hosting our 2nd Annual Fall Festival on October 16th from 6-8pm. We welcome you to come join us for some fun and to help us raise funds for pediatric [...]

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How to Use Online Reviews to Select a Laser Hair Removal Provider

Finding the Best Laser Hair Removal Provider Online As with hotel or restaurant reviews, online opinions of laser hair removal providers can be useful—or useless. These days, everyone’s a published critic, meaning you’ve got to take each review with the proverbial grain of salt—and be sure to consider the source. Some opinion sites allow people [...]

How to Shop for Laser Tattoo Removal

Shopping for Laser Tattoo Removal If it’s time for that “Always and Forever” tattoo to go (and you’re looking for the best way to help it on its way), you’ll probably want to do some research first. Finding the right tattoo-removal expert can make the process as quick (and painless) as possible. For starters, make [...]

Should I buy laser hair removal services through Groupon?

Buying Laser Hair Removal Services Through Groupon Everybody loves a bargain, right? But sites like Groupon, which offer deeply discounted “deals” on a variety of products and services, are probably best for things like restaurant meals or haircuts—things you might want to try once or that represent a fairly small investment. Laser hair removal, which [...]

Why Is My Hair Shedding?

Dealing With Shedding After your first laser hair removal treatment—typically one to three weeks later—you’ll notice what looks like new hair growing in the lasered areas. These are the last of the hairs that were in their growing phase during your treatment, and they’ll simply fall out as they work their way through your skin. [...]

Chemical Peel vs Microdermabrasion

Chemical Peel vs Microdermabrasion Who’s never wished for a fresher, more youthful face? Today’s in-office procedures can give you just that, by gently removing the outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells to reveal a bright new visage. And unlike the gritty facial scrubs and other at-home options that most of us have tried in [...]

Body Sculpting Explained

Body Sculpting Ever wish you could fix the "trouble spots” on your face and body, those areas where the skin seems to sag or the fat to settle (and that no serum or diet and exercise routine can touch)? You don’t want surgery. You’d just like a magic wand, please. As impossible as it sounds, [...]