7 Overnight Beauty Mistakes You May Be Making

7 Overnight Beauty Mistakes You May Be Making

You may be making these overnight beauty mistakes. If so – stop now!

  1. USING COTTON PILLOW CASES. Cotton is a rougher fabric that soaks up moisture and is rougher on the skin and hair.  Dermatologist and estheticians recommend using a silk pillow case so your moisturizers are not absorbed and you do not have the rough damage on your skin. This is one of the overnight beauty mistakes that is commonly made.
  2. GOING TO BED WITH WET HAIR. Wet hair breaks easier than dry hair so unless you sleep on your back and do not move a muscle all night then do not go to bed with wet hair.  Going to bed with dry hair is the best way to keep healthy hair.
  3. NOT USING A NIGHT MOISTURIZER. The daytime is not the only important time to moisturize, night time is equally important.  Night time is also one of the best times to use treatment moisturizers such as retinol moisturizers.  Why not infuse your skin with a product to correct acne and help anti age while you sleep.
  4. NOT WASHING YOUR FACE. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not washing your face before bed!  All the makeup, oil and pollutants our pores collect throughout the day need to be removed nightly.  Why would you want to go to bed with a dirty face and cause the dirt and oil to get compacted in your pores even more from laying on a pillow and sleeping? Not only does this cause acne and blackheads but it also speeds up the aging process.  Moral of the story no matter how tired you are DO NOT GO TO SLEEP WITHOUT WASHING YOUR FACE!!
  5. LEAVING YOUR HAIR DOWN AT NIGHT. This is especially important for people who have oily skin and are more prone to have acne breakouts.  Use fabric hair ties to prevent hair from creasing and to prevent headaches.
  6. SLEEPING ON A DIRTY PILLOWCASE. Changing your pillowcase daily or every couple days will prevent you from clogging your pores at night.  This is very important for people with oily or acne prone skin.  Also skipping fabric softener and scented soaps on your pillow cases will help cut down irritation for sensitive and acne prone skin.
  7. LYING IN THE WRONG POSITION. Sleeping on your back is best!  Not only will this help eliminate dirt, oil and bacteria from being compacted in your skin but it also helps keep wrinkles from forming.  Side and tummy sleeping makes your skin crease into the pillow and compacts dirt, oil, and bacteria into your pores.7 Overnight Beauty Mistakes You May be Making


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