Which Bikini Laser Hair Removal Treatment is Right for Me?

Bikini Hair Removal Treatment Options

Bikini hair removal is performed with lasers reducing hair in the bikini area. The first question is, which bikini laser hair removal package is the best? In the video, we walk you through how to determine which bikini hair removal option is best for you.

Intro: Today I have Lizzie here with me and we’re so excited to talk about one of the biggest questions we get at Indy Laser and that’s the difference between bikini and Brazilian laser hair removal treatments.

Megan: So could you just walk through the difference between bikinis and Brazilian laser hair removal?

Lizzie: I can. Megan and I have made a fun little visual to help you understand what it is that we do. This is the basic bikini. It is the basic, basic, basic; the least of the least.  So, if this were your bathing suit bottom, the basic bikini hair removal option would only cover the crease of where your bathing suit or panty line would hit. It’s not very much but it’s perfect for the younger crowd, teenagers, and things like that. It does, along with all our other treatments help with razor burn and ingrown hairs.

M: Excellent, so what’s the next level?

L: The next one is bikini extended laser hair removal option. Which, think if you were to be wearing a thong on the front. So, it’s going to come off the top. As low as you’d like it to go.  And its going to go three to four fingers width out onto the thigh. So, it’s a little bit more than the basic bikini but not too much.

M: Ok, awesome. So, what is a little bit more than that then?

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Is The Most Popular

L: The Brazilian laser hair removal option is probably our most popular.  So, this would be if you wanted to be completely bare in the front area or if you wanted to leave a little bit of growth. So, you can have that or be bare. It is really a personal preference if you want to leave a little bit of growth but it does include the inside and the outside of the labia.

M: Ok, awesome. So then what is, like, everything?

L: Ok, so the last is like Megan said, everything. It’s our Brazilian extended laser hair removal option. So, it is the same as the Brazilian in the front. You can have a little growth or have it bare including the labia.

M: Ok.

L: And then we have you flip over and it involves the anal area so where your thong would go.

M: Ok.

L: So, it gets all of that hair front and back. So this is the Brazilian laser hair removal extended which is everything.

M: Awesome, I hope that is very clear for you. I am so excited I also get bikini hair removal treatments done here on my bikini area and you will be so excited with the results. So go to indylasercenter.com or call 57-LASER. See you guys later.

L: Thank you.