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Here at Indy Laser we believe everyone should live their lives with confidence and should not be held back by unwanted body hair, disruptive tattoos, severe acne or acne scarring.  We may be willing to provide complimentary laser hair removal, tattoo removal or acne services to men and women in need.

Please share your intimate and personal stories about your daily struggles with unwanted body hair or life altering tattoos. We want to follow your journey, celebrate your transformation and achievements over your struggles to help you to become a new you with your new life.



Who we are looking for individuals who:

  • Suffer from a Medical Condition (please explain)
  • Are struggling with unwanted excessive body hair
  • Experience emotional distress due to excessive body hair
  •  Have severe acne or acne scarring
  • Experience negative self-esteem issues
  • Suffer from self-confidence and/or depression
  • Suffer from painful irritation and in-grown hairs from removing body hair
  • Need a boost of confidence due to your profession

We look forward to getting you one step closer to feeling more confident in the skin you’re in! If you need our help to get you there, please fill out the form below. Let us know exactly what this program would mean to you and why you (or someone you know) would be a great fit. We accept nominations as well.  So if you know of someone else who would benefit greatly from this program, then help them take the first step in changing their life and nominate them for the program.



* By submitting this form, you consent to allow Indy Laser to use the details of your form submission for potential promotional purposes. You agree to all terms and services. The recipient is subject to an interview, will be required to sign a release and see the program through 100% in it’s entirety.

* Selection will be totally at the discretion of Indy Laser.  Submission of your story is not a guarantee that you will be selected

IL Pre-Black Friday Sale
60% Offall Laser Hair Removal Packages

IL Pre-Black Friday Sale

60% Offall Laser Hair Removal Packages

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