Exfoliation Is Important During Winter

Exfoliation is Important During the Winter - Indy LaserExfoliation In The Winter

Exfoliation is extremely important during the winter.  It is that time of year again with bitter cold air and wind, warm clothes, fires and the heat blasting to stay warm. Have you ever noticed your skin is more dry and flaky, breaking out with acne, you are experiencing more ingrown hairs and dehydrated skin during the bitter cold months? Have you ever wondered what effect the season of winter has on your skin?

The most important tool for your skin during these colder months is exfoliation! Not to mention it increases the cell renewal process to aid in anti-aging. But how do you know how often and what to exfoliate with?

Exfoliation On The Face

Limit exfoliation to your face to two to three times a week and NEVER every day! Make sure that a product is beaded or has soft granules so you do not create microscopic tears in the skin that may cause bacteria to breed leading the skin to break out with acne. You also never want to exfoliate the face daily because you will strip too many natural oils the skin needs to stay healthy and hydrated. Over stripping the natural oils can also cause breakouts to occur because the skin will overproduce oil.

If you have a Clarisonic or a similar tool they are safe to use on a daily basis because of the gentle vibrating technology to remove dirt and dead skin cells from pores. Although there are many chemical exfoliation products limit those to once or twice a week depending on your skin type so you do not over dry the skin.

Exfoliation On The Body

Since the skin on your body is not as delicate as the skin on your face, you can exfoliate daily and use less gentle products and tools. Limit salt and products with rough granules to areas such as the soles of the feet, the elbows and the knee caps. The most common forms of body exfoliation are loofahs, salt or sugar scrubs, dry brushing, etc.

No matter what type of exfoliation you choose to use, make sure that during the winter months you do it on at least a weekly basis. Also always remember to moisturize immediately after exfoliation for soft and hydrated skin!