What To Expect After Laser Hair Removal

After Laser Hair Removal

Today, we’ll discuss what to anticipate after laser hair removal.  Over the past few weeks, we have been addressing common laser hair removal questions, as well as what to expect before and during your hair removal appointment.  We also have some strategies to help you get the most out of your laser hair removal treatment.

The best thing to do is to call your laser hair removal specialist for questions and concerns after laser hair removal. They have the information that you need for your specific circumstances after laser hair removal.

Here is what you might expect in the hours, days and weeks following your laser hair removal:

  • Red or pink discoloration and itchy. The laser has done its job in disabling your hair follicles. It has also probably lightly irritated your skin. Itchiness or pinkness may last for up to one day. Some people identify the sensation to being similar to razor burn. If it lasts longer than that, give your specialist a call; this very well may be normal, but it’s worth calling to ask.

  • Shedding. After your initial treatment, around 1 to 3 weeks after, during this time there will appear to be less hair growth. While this process takes place, the hairs shed from the follicles which happen to be in the growing phase, which is the anogen phase. Shedding appears as stubble or blackheads pushing out of the follicle.  Exfoliating is most important during this process so the hairs can shed easier.

  • Some regrowth. The laser only disables the follicles of the hair that was in its growing phase when you were in the office that day. The follicles that were resting begin to wake up over the course of the next few weeks, and they will still be growing hair.

In order to make your hair removal most effective, here are some things that you can do to help the process along:

  • Exfoliate. Trying to remove dead skin cells about tree times per week will help you get the best skin results.  Exfoliating scrub or a washcloth can be used on the area you had laser hair removal treatments on. Be sure not to irritate your skin, be gentle.

  • Cut or shave regrowing hair. Do not tweeze, pluck or wax new growth! It is important to remember that your next appointment will be scheduled in about four to eight weeks.  The hairs need to be left in their shafts, so the laser can work on them. You can shave, trim or cut hair as necessary.

  • Apply sunscreen. The lighter the skin is to its natural state, the better the hair reduction results. Avoid tanning and be sure to apply the sunscreen. A sunburn will irritate your skin more than the irritation caused by the laser, so be cautious. Two weeks before and after each treatment apply SPF 30 sunscreen.

  • Keep track of any medications taken. Contact all your laser hair removal specialist to address whether there is an issue. The next laser hair reduction appointment can be cancelled and scheduled at another time if needed.

After Laser Hair Reduction

Usually your first two treatments will be scheduled four weeks apart; after that, you will return every six to eight weeks until the treatment is complete. The entire treatment will take about one year, or a total of six visits. Although, darker skin tones should allow a little longer to get the best results safely.  In some cases, you might like to return for periodic maintenance as needed.

Remember to talk to your specialist about any questions or concerns that you may have. If something doesn’t feel right after laser hair removal treatment, then don’t hesitate to call and ask.