About Hair Removal Options

Hair Removal Options

Are your main hair removal options to tweeze, wax or shave? Dealing with ingrown hairs, nicks and cuts as well as the dreaded razor burn that can become really irritated when repeatedly shaving. Even painful waxing, or stubble that magically starts to reappear moments after you finish shaving should not be the only way to deal with hair reduction. Considering other hair removal options such as shaving, waxing, creams, electrolysis, IPL. Waxing, plucking, shaving, and creams are all temporary options. Electrolysis is very painful, time consuming and costly. IPL is just not as effective as using actual lasers. Temporary hair removal methods will remove the surface portion of the hair, but will not have any impact on the parts that lie below the skins surface. With these methods you will start to notice regrowth within the next few hours or days.

Hair Removal Methods

Laser hair removal treatments are a simple solution that permanently disables the cells that regenerate new hair. The laser precisely transfers a pulse of energy, instantly heating the hair follicles in their active growth phase. Over the next 1-2 weeks those disabled hairs will shed and will not return. It typically takes 5-8 treatments to treat all growth phases. Skin tone and hair type impact the number of treatments needed to achieve your cosmetic goals. Not all lasers are safe for all skin types so do your research. Indy Laser uses multiple Candela lasers that are FDA Approved and have the ability to safely and effectively treat all skin types.

If you are ready to get started or find out if it is right for you, the experts at Indy Laser can customize a treatment plan specifically for you, to help you obtain smoother and hair free skin. You can call them at (317)57-LASER for your free consultation.