Venus Legacy Helps You To Be Ready For Spring Break

venus legacy helpsVenus Legacy Helps Tighten Skin

Venus Legacy helps tighten skin, because spring break will be here before we know it.  With it comes trips to tropical locations, which means you’ll be sporting your swimsuit.  That being said, are you ready to be seen in your bikini?

If you haven’t stuck to your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, have no fear.  Did you know that Indy Laser can help get your body ready for spring break?  It’s true!

Venus Legacy Helps Reduce Cellulite

In 2015, we introduced the Venus Legacy to our practice, and we have seen incredible results!  Here’s how it works: It uses pulses to cause a thermal reaction deep within the skin.  When stimulated, the body responds by triggering a healing response.  Skin tightens, which lessens wrinkles and reduces cellulite.

So, if you have sagging skin or extra fat that makes you self conscious (in a bikini or otherwise), Venus Legacy can provide body contouring in even those hard-to-tone areas (thighs, buttocks, stomach, upper arms, back fat, etc).

If you need more convincing, here are a few more reasons to try the Venus Legacy:

  • It’s cheaper than plastic surgery
  • No recovery time
  • No discomfort
  • Long term results

Give us a call to see if Venus Legacy is right for you. We’ll be glad to help you strut your stuff on the beach this spring break.  remember that Venus Legacy helps tighten loose skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite!