If you’re not happy shaving, tweezing or waxing to remove unwanted body hair then this laser hair treatment may be worth considering.  Indy Laser offers a wide range of aesthetic laser technology services that minimize hair regrowth and reduce the need to shave!  You can finally say goodbye to razor blades and monthly waxing sessions which end up costing you quite a bit of money and time in the long run.  Not only that, but regular shaving often leaves the skin dry and irritated which is something we all try to avoid.  This alone can send you searching for a long-term hair removal solution: laser hair treatment.

Laser Hair Treatment vs Waxing

We all know what a waxing session feels like, and you can admit that the pain and ensuing discomfort is something we can all most definitely live without. Indy Laser laser hair treatment vs waxing

Thankfully, aesthetic laser hair treatments are readily available to take care of hairy problems.  Indy Laser is among the best service providers for laser hair treatments in the Indianapolis area.  Indy Laser provides very comprehensive aesthetics laser applications to reduce, diminish and even eliminate problematic issues such as unwanted tattoos, unwanted hair, and even body sculpting.

All of which are guaranteed to give you real results and are the best of all non-invasive techniques.  Among Indy Laser’s best-selling laser services is the Laser Hair Treatment for hair removal.  It is not only a favorite with women for hair removal but is also quickly becoming a hit among men who are seeking expert advice and help with excessive hair growth.  The Indy Laser staff has completed tens of thousands of procedures with satisfied customers over the years.

Indy Laser utilizes only the latest and most advanced laser technology available in the industry.  Indy Laser is well known for giving their customers exactly what they want and just what they need.  That makes for an improvement in their quality of life through aesthetic laser applications.

Aesthetic laser technology has been around for a while, but recent breakthroughs have made the technology far more effective than its previous counterparts.  Now hair removal is a lot easier, cheaper, and most importantly better at getting rid of the problem for good on any skin type and skin color combination.

Laser Hair Treatment vs Shaving

Laser hair removal technology is light years away from the old-school ways of shaving and far kinder on the skin.  Shaving often irritates the skin from the friction and contact with your razor and often strips the skin of naturally occurring oils that keeps your skin moisturized and supple.  This often leaves your skin dry and unhealthy-looking and let’s face it, that is something that all of us don’t want to deal with on a regular basis.  Not only that, but shaving is only a stop-gap measure when you think about it, it can help you control hair growth but can’t really get rid of it permanently since it leaves the hair roots untouched.Indy Laser laser hair treatment vs shaving


‘shaving is only a stop-gap measure when you think about it, it can help you control hair growth but can’t really get rid of it permanently’

This also means that shaving only aggravates the problem since the next time hair grows back, it often appears to come out thicker, darker, and more noticeable which makes it even harder to manage, but in reality it just simply removes the blunt of the hair.  Waxing on the other hand, is something we are all familiar with, yet is not the preferred hair removal method for everyone.

Although waxing provides a more effective way of managing hair growth, since it pulls the hair out from root to tip, there are a few major things to consider.  One of which we all know or heard about how much it obviously hurts!  If you’re thinking about getting a wax but hesitant about the idea of pulling hairs out of your skin at the cost repetitive painful pulls, then maybe it’s not the best hair removal option for you – keep scrolling to learn more about laser hair removal.

One other thing to consider is that it isn’t always as effective as you think it might be.  Since waxing involves pulling hairs out, it requires a little hair regrowth so the wax gets enough grip on the hair to be able to pull the hair out down to the roots.  This usually means you need about a quarter inch of hair regrowth to become effective.  Now ask yourself this, do you really want to deal with quarter inch hairs covering your legs when you just want to wear those cute shorts you just bought for the summer?  If your answer is no, then you probably would resort back to shaving which leaves your skin dry and bumpy.

Waxing and shaving are some of the most popular hair removal methods and are used by most people in order to get rid of unwanted hair, and these two also share a common problem.  They require that you spend the rest of your life doing the same things repeatedly just to control the hair growth but would never ever get rid of it for good.  Laser hair treatment technology for hair removal is light years ahead of these two methods since it attacks the problems literally right where it is forming.

Indy Laser uses advanced lasers to attack the hair’s root.  This is done by a laser beam that generates enough heat to damage the roots to severely hamper its growth rate and can even annihilate it – which literally kills off the hair making regrowth impossible.  Best of all, laser hair removal requires no minimal hair growth to be effective, making it incredibly versatile and can be used on different areas of the body with very little reconfiguration in the equipment.

As a matter of fact, men’s laser hair removal is so effective that more men are getting their unwanted hair “lasered” off because not only is it more effective but it also happens to be a more masculine alternative to going to a waxing salon and therefore more appealing to the men.

Indy Laser laser hair removal masculine

‘more men are getting their unwanted hair “lasered” off because not only is it more effective but it also happens to be a more masculine alternative’

A laser hair treatment for body hair removal performed by Indy Laser also provides its customers with a procedure that won’t irritate the skin as much as regular shaving does and it’s not as painful as waxing is.  Although, there are hair removal creams in the market that can remove hairs and leave the skin less irritated, as long as you don’t have sensitive skin.  They still leave the hair follicles untouched and won’t stop hair from growing back, which doesn’t really solve the problem.  It only keeps the unsightly hair out of sight for a while which is the exact same thing you would deal with when shaving and waxing.

Laser hair treatments not only get rid of unwanted hair better than other methods but best of all it keeps it away for far longer.  In order for the hair to stay away for as long as possible, touchup treatments are few and far in between after the initial 6 treatments.  However, maintenance is usually required at some point due to hormonal changes, dormant hairs, supplements, as well as medications that cause hair regrowth.  Indy Laser provides all the benefits that laser hair treatments can provide to their customers at an economical price.  Just to ensure that you get the right kind of treatment at the best place to go to for laser hair treatments, Indy Laser even has a price match program with an additional 10% discount on top of that.

So anybody can get the expert treatment they want at a very reasonable price with guaranteed results.  What are you waiting for? Take the first step in getting laser hair removal and schedule your FREE CONSULTATION right now!