Laser Hair Removal Areas

Never having to shave again is like a dream that some believe could never come true. As if it were like a curse that you just can’t seem to get rid of no matter how much you try. Thankfully, if you take a few minutes to discover how the certified laser professionals at Indy Laser can help make all your hair removal dreams come true, you will find out that in just a few months your laser hair removal areas treated will be smooth 24/7!

That means no more razors, shaving creams, and enduring regular sessions of painful waxing sessions. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, laser hair removal is a permanent method of reducing, or even removing, unwanted hair in virtually all areas of the body so you no longer have to shave, wax, or depilate any longer.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Achieve a hair-free look with our advanced laser hair removal technology. It works by using a concentrated beam of high energy and targeting the roots of the hair, not just the hair itself. Energy is absorbed by the melanin inside the hair follicles, destroying them from the inside out.

So what happens when hair follicles are destroyed?

Think of hair as plants and the follicle as the soil. When you destroy the soil, plants don’t grow back. In the same way, as the follicles are destroyed, hair is unable to grow. So you’re left with smooth skin – completely free from unwanted hair.

But because hair growth isn’t the same across the entire body, you can never get rid of all your hair in a single session. That is why it takes multiple treatment sessions to get the best results. Different laser hair removal areas are also treated differently, depending on the area treated.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

While laser hair removal does involve the use of high-energy beams, it is generally safe. Laser treatments cause no long-term effects or conditions on the skin. There is also no risk of something major or potentially life-threatening occurring.

Although the entire procedure is indeed safe, there are still a few minor side effects to the treatment that you can expect. These include:

  • Redness and irritation
  • Crusting
  • Minor swelling
  • Changes in skin color
  • Skin infection

Side effects that may occur after treatment are only temporary and will go away on their own after a few days. If symptoms do persist, consult your dermatologist immediately. They can prescribe creams, ointments, or other agents that can help ease the symptoms.

To be on the safe side, a properly-licensed medical professional will take all necessary precautions to mitigate the effects of the laser on your skin. This includes the use of proper protective equipment over the eyes, the use of aloe or a cool compress on heated areas, and numbing agents to reduce pain or discomfort.

Laser hair removal is so safe, it can be done on any area of the body. These areas can be subdivided into three groups: small areas, medium areas, and larger areas. The length of the procedure will depend on the size of the treatment area.

Small Laser Hair Removal Areas

Upper Lip

There’s really nothing wrong with having upper lip hair. Everyone has it. Although it’s more common for men, it’s not uncommon for women to have upper lip hair as well. But most women prefer not to have hair on their upper lip. Luckily, laser hair removal works great on pesky upper lip hair. It’s just as easy as a few 10-minute laser sessions. No more having to figure out how to eliminate it every few days.


Sideburns grow from near the base of the ear to the jawline on both sides of the face. Most men prefer to have sideburns as part of their style, with a minority preferring a clean look. For women, it’s a completely different story. For a sideburns-free look, laser hair removal sessions can just as easily remove unwanted hair from the face. All it takes is 10 minutes each session and you’re well on your way to being free from those pesky sideburns once your personalized treatment plan is complete.


The chin is a part of the face that probably has the second most hair per unit area. To remove unwanted hair on the chin, most people rely on shaving to maintain a hair-free look. However, this only leaves a stubble and is difficult to maintain. For women on the go, this is definitely not an option.

Good thing permanent hair removal methods like laser hair removal is there to help keep the chin silky smooth and free from hair. Chin laser treatment packages for men and women include 6 treatment sessions and come packaged with either the lips or the front of the neck for both men and women.


Areola hair is not uncommon to all, male or female. Hair on this region can be difficult to remove because due to the area’s greater sensitive compared to other parts of the body. But did you know that you can still undergo laser treatment to remove hair from the areola? In fact, it’s one of the most recommended methods of hair removal for the area because they are the safest and are virtually pain-free. Treatment on the area covers the small ring of color around the nipple.

Abdominal Line

Hair on the abdominal line typically covers the area below the belly button up to just above the pubic region. Treatment of hair on the abdominal line is your first step to being bikini season ready. Laser hair removal for this area generally takes 6 treatment sessions spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart in order to be effective in permanently removing hair.


The eyebrows offer a different experience when it comes to laser hair removal. First, unwanted hair doesn’t typically grow from the eyebrows. In fact, no one wants to lose their eyebrows. Second, it can be dangerous since the area is adjacent to the eyes. That is why sculpting the eyebrows using a laser needs to be performed with extreme caution.

 The treatment package for eyebrow laser hair removal for men and women involves approximately 6 treatment sessions for each eyebrow and involves the area above and between the 2 eyebrows. The inner arch is excluded to eliminate the risk of damaging the eyes.

Medium Laser Hair Removal Areas


Perhaps the most common area for hair removal, especially for women, is the underarms. In order to stay hair free, women typically have to endure regular waxing or shaving every day in the shower. This can be extremely painful or may leave you with darker skin due to too much friction.

Say goodbye to your razor with laser hair removal. Laser hair removal in this area lasts up to 6 sessions spaced about 6 weeks apart to give ample time for hair to reach the anagen phase. The procedure is virtually pain-free as the area is sprayed with a cool, numbing agent reduce pain.

Bikini Line

Having a bare bikini line is a dream for many that is just difficult to achieve. Just remaining hair-free can be just stressful enough since you have to shave everyday just to maintain that smooth, silky, hair-free look. But shaving everyday can cause ingrown hairs, which can be an even bigger problem.

For a cleaner, more permanent way to remove hair on the bikini line, there’s laser hair removal. You can achieve a hair-free look with the basic bikini laser treatment, which covers 3-4 inches on the inner thighs and around the underwear line.

Buttocks Line

Hair on the buttocks tend to grow more heavily for men than women. Typically, you can only find vellus hair, also known as peach fuzz. But in other cases, hair on the buttocks line are longer, thicker, and generally more unsightly. When that happens, you might want to have them reduced – or even completely removed.

Laser hair removal is the solution to your buttocks hair problem. The laser hair removal package for this area includes 6 treatment sessions and will cover areas from the hips to the area where the leg and buttocks meet, excluding the anal region. Treatment packages are generally more expensive since hair is typically thicker and fuller for men than for women.

Bikini Region

The bikini region is perhaps the most popular area where people want unwanted hair removed. Its popularity skyrockets even further beginning spring break when parties at the beach are quite ubiquitous. The bikini region is different from the bikini line, where only the inner things are involved. Laser hair removal treatments for the bikini region involves the area around the inner thighs as well as the groin area. This treatment will ensure that no stray hair will ever take a peek outside the underwear and be a source of embarrassment. No more risking the itchiness and unsightliness of having ingrown hairs growing due to excessive shaving once your laser hair removal treatment is complete.


The face is the most noticeable part of the body because it’s usually the first thing people see. That is why is can be a source of insecurity if you’re growing too much hair and you’re uncomfortable with having that much hair on your face. Most people turn to just shaving their face. But let’s face it, shaving takes too much time and takes up a significant chunk of your time.

Go for a more permanent approach to achieving a smooth face free from unsightly hair with facial laser hair removal so you won’t have to do it regularly. A full facial laser hair removal treatment takes care of hair starting from the hairline to the clavicle so you’re hair-free all over. Note that this treatment does not include the arch of the eyebrow to avoid any damage to the eyes.


Continually shaving your bikini region to achieve a smooth, hair-free look may seem like a perfect option, but it does come with a cost. In fact, you may even be doing more harm than good. The fact of the matter is that shaving can actually cause itchiness, darkening of the skin, and may cause plenty of ingrown hair to appear.

Brazilian laser hair removal offers you all the benefits of shaving without any of the risks – and is permanent. The Brazilian laser hair removal package takes care of hair around the pubic region, the inner thighs, everything around the underwear line, and will include the inside and outside area of the labia. Now that’s what you call a complete treatment.

Large Laser Hair Removal Areas

Full Legs

Hairy legs are what most women who love wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses struggle with constantly. But the appeal of having smooth legs that seem to go on for days goes beyond aesthetics. Smoother legs free from unwanted hair gives you more confidence that you can ever hope to get from wearing makeup. It makes you more comfortable in your own skin, shower times are cut in half, and you’re just overall stress-free. To get that kind of confidence and more, get the full legs laser hair removal package to achieve that smooth, hair-free look in a matter of 6 sessions that cover areas starting from the base of the ankles up to the bikini line for both men and women. This package will also include the feet and toes so you know all bases are covered.

Shoulders and Arms

Hair on the arms and shoulders can be quite unsightly for many, which is exactly the reason why men and women want to have them removed. However, you might also find that getting rid of hair on the shoulders and arms can be quite tricky, especially considering that these areas are difficult to reach and that hair on these areas tend to be thick. Look no further than laser hair removal for both the shoulders and arms so you no longer have to worry about unsightly hair covering your body.

All you need is 6 treatment sessions on average spaced about 4 to 6 weeks apart and you’re well on your way to that smooth, hairless look. This will take care of hair growing from your elbows to the base of the neck. Do note that treatments for men can be more expensive since these areas are larger and hair particles are thicker in men than in women.

Full Back

Ah, the dreaded back hair. Back hair has been the bane for wives all over the country, nay, the world. But if you think getting rid of hair on the shoulders and arms are tricky, back hair is on another level. It’s on the back, of course, so it’s virtually unreachable. Shaving, waxing, or using depilatory creams will require an assistant that can help do your job for you. This takes up so much time not just from you but also from your assistant.

Take control of your back hair and have it removed professionally and permanently with a full back laser treatment. The full back laser treatment takes care of hair beginning from the base of the neck, covering the entire back, until the waistline. Say goodbye to shaving, applying cream, waxing, and having an assistant do all of that for you every so often with laser full back treatments.