My Viva Experience

Viva Experience Review

A Woman’s Viva Experience With The Process

My Viva experience begins as I entered an exam room and laid down on a table that reminded me of one at a doctor’s office.  My technician applied a cool , creamy anesthetic all over my face to help take the edge off.  We let it sit for about 30 minutes before we started the procedure.  You should definitely take a book or something to occupy you during the half hour that you are numbing.

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My technician then explained the procedure once again and how it worked before the treatment began.  They likened this process to that of arrogating a yard.  The holes in the yard help the grass grow back more full and healthy.  Similarly, this machine uses tiny microneedles to poke microscopic holes in the skin.  When the body goes to heal itself, the result is that the skin is more renewed and refreshed then before.  It also uses RF energy to stimulate collagen to aid in the anti-aging process.

I loved that the technicians were so knowledgeable about the procedure; all of my questions were answered and any fear I had was put to rest.  My goal in receiving the skin resurfacing is to remove some uneven skin tone and get rid of and lighten my hyperpigmentation (freckles), while hopefully reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Lizzie wiped the anesthetic off my skin, and off we went.  She warned me that I would likely feel something, even with my skin being numb.  She was right; I definitely felt something, but it’s admittedly hard to describe.  The hand piece had several microneedles that rolled over my skin causing warm prickly sensations.  She went all over my face steering clear of my eyes and mouth.  The most painful areas were around my eyes and my T-zone area with the area below my nose and above my upper lip being the worse.

The procedure was over in about 15 minutes.  My face was red and felt warm, similar to a sunburn feeling.  She sprayed my face with Evian water and advised me on using it as much as I wanted the next 24 hours to soothe and cool the area.  She also told me to use nothing at all on my skin for 24 hours except the Evian water and that after that I could wash my face as normal, wear make-up and use my moisturizer with SPF!  My next appointment was scheduled for 4 weeks later, and I was on my way.

My face remained warm for a few hours following the procedure.  I was thankful for the Evian water spray they gave me to use.  The treated area remained bright red until the next morning.  Even with make-up on the following day it was fairly obvious that I had something done to my face.  Two days after, the redness had faded tremendously and the track marks of the microneedles were almost gone.  My face was dry and felt rough to the touch.  Over the next couple days the dry rough patches sloughed and rolled off my skin.  Four days after my treatment my skin was back to normal.  I’m anxious for the next 2 sessions, especially to see the difference it makes in my skin and update my Viva experience!