Viva Standard Single Pass Face Single Treatment


Tightens lax skin
Diminishes visible pores
Evens out skin tone and texture
Controls pigmentation lesions
Diminishes appearance of rosacea
Reduces fines lines and deep wrinkles
Decreases visible signs of acne scarring
Decreases visible signs of stretch marks
Decreases visible signs of scarring
Corrects necklace lines for younger looking skin
Elevates and resurfaces the delicate skin around the eyes
Long-term collagen stimulation and regeneration for lasting results with minimal maintenance

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Product Description

Viva Standard Single Pass Face Single Treatment

Venus Viva uses patented scanner technology to send multiple fractional radiofrequency (RF) currents into the skin that results in more uniform, safe, and pain-free treatments. The settings used are customized for you, our patient, after we design a treatment that addresses your specific concerns. The RF currents send microscopic columns of energy through the skin into the dermis. These currents produce heat which injures existing collagen. This prompts the body to heal, which in response makes new collagen. This results in fresher, younger looking skin.


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