SPF In The Winter Because The Sun Still Shines

SPF In The Winter

Everyone knows that skin cancer is on the rise, but it is not a new idea to wear SPF in the winter.  It is important to use a broad spectrum SPF when in the sun such as Why SPF is Important - Even in the Winter | Indy Laserlaying at the beach, swimming, boating, etc. But did you know that using SPF is just as important in the winter? Here are five reasons why it is so important even in the winter months.

1. The sun still comes out in the winter

Even though it is cold outside does not mean the sun never shines, you still should apply SPF in the winter. You can still get harmful rays from the sun through driving, playing outside in the snow, etc. So just because it is cold outside, still use that broad spectrum SPF daily and reapply if outside for prolonged periods.

2. Harmful rays can still go through clouds

Most people tend to think that if it is cloudy then the sun is being hidden and harmful rays cannot reach us so why bother with SPF.  This is so FALSE, those harmful rays can come through the clouds and sometimes can be just as intense if not more. Always wear a broad spectrum SPF even on a cloudy day.

3. Snow can make the sun’s rays worse on your skin

Snow can cause reflections on a sunny day allowing those harmful rays to be so much more intense on your skin. Everyone loves being able to sled or snow ski on a sunny day but don’t forget to reapply a broad spectrum SPF to protect your skin from these rays.

4. SPF is a barrier on the skin that can also protect you from the wind

Wind burn can be as miserable as sunburn; irritated, raw and painful red skin can happen all because you did not put a barrier on your skin to protect it from the wind. During outdoor winter activities using a broad spectrum SPF will create a barrier on your skin to keep you from getting wind burn. Also, keeping skin covered up with warm clothing will also keep the wind off your skin.

5. Harmful rays from indoor fluorescent lights

Again SPF acts as a barrier on the skin to protect it, all the more reason to use it even when inside. Fluorescent lights have been linked to having cancer causing rays, although there are many studies still being conducted to prove this why take a chance?  Protect your skin even indoors and use a broad spectrum SPF.

Using a broad spectrum SPF every day is important through every season; indoors or outdoors! Reapplying is even more important! Such a simple step to apply SPF in the winter, to fight the aging process and more importantly to keep skin cancer away from your skin!