Fade Stretch Marks With Laser Stretch Mark Removal - Heal The Dermis

Stretch Marks

A Stretch Mark Is A Tear

Stretch marks are tears in the dermis layer of the skin.  Skin stretches and causes skin to expand.  Uneven textures in the dermis are due to the elasticity beginning to break down as it rapidly expands creating stretch marks..

According to the British Journal of General Practice, there was no statistically significant average difference when creams with active ingredients, a placebo, or no treatment.  More than 50% of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy.    Rapid weight gain and weight loss are also common causes.  Your gene pool determines the elasticity of your skin.  Heredity can also be an influencing factor.  These uneven lines are viewed as special scars from life’s journeys.  But, most people see them as cosmetic imperfections.

Once the skin shows signs of being stretched, it does not always stay expanded.  If weight loss occurs, the sagging area of the body usually has signs of being stretched.  Skin tightening can help shape your body to the way you want.  There is more than one way to remove and fade these marks, from creams to lasers to surgery.


There is no cream to prevent stretch marks.  However, there are creams that can help fade the color and appearance of the stretched skin, but only on the base layer of the skin.  The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin.  Creams cannot go any further into the skin than the epidermis.  Therefore, creams are not as effective as lasers in penetrating the dermis to eliminate scarring and prevent it.

The price of creams range from $30-$200.  Even though they can be more cost effective then lasers and surgeries, they can be very time consuming to use daily and will only help fade newer ones.  Laser stretch mark removal results in the appearance of smooth, even skin!

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Lasers have been proven to help fade and correct the uneven textures, such as RF energy with fraxel, microneedling etc.  Using lasers in addition to creams will give you much better reduction results.  The cost and downtime of laser treatments should be considered if you are interested in laser stretch mark removal.  Expect to experience redness, tenderness and irritation for 5-10 days.

Stretch Marks

Stretch Mark Laser Removal

Luckily they are usually on areas of the body that can be covered with clothing so there shouldn’t be any social downtime.  Laser treatments can be fairly comfortable by using a topical numbing cream before a laser treatment.  Most laser facilities recommend scheduling treatments 4-8 weeks apart.  It usually takes 3-6 treatments to see 75 percent or greater reduction in color, appearance, and texture.  Laser treatments can cost between $300-$1,500 per treatment depending on the laser used, facility chosen and size of the area being treated.


Surgery can be preformed to eliminate stretch marks.  A tummy tuck is the most common surgical procedure for this issue.  Surgery can be very painful with several weeks of downtime not to mention it is very expensive.  Surgeons charge $5,000-$10,000.

It is no secret that sagging skin and stretch marks are hard to manage and tone.  Laser skin tightening and laser stretch mark removal are effective ways to sculpt your body to achieve your cosmetic goals.  Laser skin tightening Laser stretch mark removal fades the appearance of the uneven skin.

It is always best to consult your skin care specialist to find out what procedure is right for you to eliminate your stretch marks before making any decisions.

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