Sun Spot Removal Treatment Overview

sun spot removalSun Spot Removal

As a redhead, I have battled freckles (or sunspots) my whole life and considered sun spot removal treatments. After I had a FREE consultation with Indy Laser, I excitedly chose to pursue a treatment package to remove these pesky spots from my face. Here is my firsthand account.

What To Expect During A Sun Spot Removal Treatment

I arrived for my first treatment unsure of what to expect. How badly would it hurt? What would my face look like afterward?  How does it work anyway? Lizzie, my technician, was incredibly patient with me. She answered all of my questions and explained what she was doing while she was doing it.

I was ushered to a treatment room with a table in the center, much like at a doctor’s office (although it was much more comfortable). I laid down, and Lizzie proceeded to wash off the foundation and makeup from my face (since I never leave home without it). She showed me the machine and how it worked; it had a screen where she entered settings and had a long hose with a wand at the end of it.

Lizzie then handed me some small googles to put over my eyes for protection and 2 stress balls to help ease my anxiety about the procedure. She then drew some lines on my face to section it off with a white crayon, so that she was sure not to miss any spots.  Then the laser zaps started. I felt the cold tip of the wand touch my skin. There was a bright light whenever she pulsed the laser. The laser felt warm to my skin, but the machine also released a coolant that Lizzie told me was cryogen to help cool my skin.  Honestly, it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it might. I would liken it to the feeling when you get snapped on the skin with a small rubber band.

Lizzie proceeded to do the laser all over my face. I was surprised that it didn’t take too long (maybe 10-15 minutes). I removed the googles and Lizzie handed me a mirror so that I could see what my face looked like. It was red and felt warm, like a mild sunburn. She then put some Aquaphor and sunscreen on my face to help soothe and protect my skin.

What To Expect After A Sun Spot Removal Treatment

It was as simple as that! My skin only felt warm for the next hour and then it calmed down.  The redness lasted a few hours but the freckles turned much darker, which lasted for a few days. Lizzie warned me this would happen and was normal. Several days (4-5) after my treatment, the darkened freckles started to disappear. I was pleasantly surprised that my face had less freckles than when I started. I can’t wait to go back for more treatments to see how many more sun spots will disappear from my sun spot removal treatments!

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