Why You Should Invest In Good Skin Care


Good Skin Care

Given that you want to practice good skin care and you just ran out of your cleanser, so you decide to run to the drug store to grab some more.  The skin care aisle seems to go on for days.  Overwhelmed, you grab the cheapest option and call it a day.  Over the next few weeks, you notice a that your skin is breaking out and feels really dry.  So your new cleanser finds its way into your drawer where unused cosmetics go to die.

Too often, people purchase skin care based on price or proximity (i.e. whatever is easy to grab at the grocery store).  And it usually ends in wasted money and angry skin.

Consider this Exhibit A for why you should invest in good skin care.  Just in case you need a few more reasons, here’s why we think it’s important to use quality skin care.Good Skin Care

Why You Should Invest In Good Skin Care

First Impressions
The first thing that people see when they meet you is your face.  (We’re all for cute shoes, but isn’t it a better use of your money to invest in good skin?)  You only get one face in this lifetime, so why wouldn’t you want to take care of it?

Quality Ingredients
Cheap skin care products are made of lesser quality ingredients, which does not support good skin care.  For example: drug store exfoliators have square-shaped granules.  When rubbed all over your face, it makes tiny cuts where bacteria can get in.  Quality exfoliators will have rounded granules that do the job without hurting your skin.

Saves Money
A drawer full of cheap, unused products can be a bigger waste of money than using just one quality product.  Think about it: every time you spend $5 on a cleanser and $10 on a moisturizer, the costs add up.  Instead, we suggest investing in one really quality product.  Most likely, you’ll immediately see the difference.

The next time you’re out of your skin care, do an experiment and use one of higher quality.  (Most likely, you can get samples to try before you buy).  Your skin will thank you.

Want a recommendation?  Here at Indy Laser, we sell Image Professional Skincare.  We love it and know you will too.  Give us a call to try your free sample for good skin care today!