Best Time Start Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Best Time Start Laser Hair Removal

best time start laser hair removalBest time start laser hair removal is to be considered so you can be looking your best in your swim suit in the spring before spring break trips or summer plans.  Looking great in that tiny bikini means no razor burn or ingrown hairs, so this is usually when most people start considering and inquiring about laser hair removal.

This is the WORST time to start the laser hair removal process unless you are someone that avoids the sun and tanning beds like the plague!  The best time to start considering laser hair removal is in the FALL when your summer tan has faded away.  It takes approximately 10 months to complete a 6 treatment package so planning for almost a year of no sun exposure is very hard for some people.

Unless you have done your research about laser hair removal I am sure you are wondering why you cannot have sun exposure or be tan to have the treatments done…..It is NOT safe!  A laser hair removal machine attracts to color which is why it only works on brown and black hair.

Best Time Start Laser Hair Removal For Effective Treatments

The goal of laser hair removal is for the device to attack your hair root and destroy it, not to attack your skin and cause painfully nasty looking burns!  Although there are FDA approved laser hair removal devices that are safe and effective for naturally dark skin tones, such as African American, Mediterranean and Asian skin types, it does not mean those lasers are effective for light or Caucasian skin types.  For instance, a Caucasian person is not going to see ideal results using a yag laser hair removal device when they should be using an alexandrite laser hair removal device.

So, for the most effective and safest laser hair removal treatments make sure you are at your natural color at all times and stay on your correct weekly interval specified by your laser hair removal specialist for ideal results.  Now that you know Fall is the best time to get laser hair removal treatments, make sure you take care of your skin with our fall skin care tips for beautiful skin. Be sure to consider the best time start laser hair removal to fit your plans!