Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

What’s the Difference Between Bikini & Brazilian?

Bikini & Brazilian laser hair removal are two of our four different types of laser hair removal options for the female bikini area.  The four options have always been the most popular laser hair removal procedures here at Indy Laser.  Laser hair removal for the female bikini is advantageous because not only will it remove ingrown hairs, but also also prevent bikini bumps.  No more waxing.  No more shaving. 

The female bikini laser hair removal service is a permanent solution for removing unwanted pubic hair.  The first question is, which bikini hair removal option is right for you?  Below are the differences between basic bikini, bikini extended, Brazilian laser hair removal, and Brazilian extended.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Basic Bikini vs. Bikini Extended

The Basic Bikini covers 2-3 inches outside of the panty line.  This does not include inside the panty line.  This hair removal option is for the crease where your bathing suit or panty line would hit.  Again, this method is the most basic and removes only the hair outside the panty line. 

The Bikini Extended covers 2-3 inches outside the panty line, just like the basic bikini.  However, it also includes inside the panty line on the sides up to the labia.  With bikini extended, you choose to take as much hair off the top pubic region as you would like, but this does not include the labia.  The bikini extended laser hair removal covers as much surface for you to feel comfortable in a thong.

The Brazilian Bikini is Indy Laser's most popular laser hair removal treatment

Brazilian Bikini vs. Brazilian Extended

The Brazilian Bikini is Indy Laser’s most popular laser hair removal treatment.  This option is for clients who want to be completely bare in the front area.  The Brazilian Bikini laser treatment covers outside the panty line, inside the panty line, and includes the labia.  You can choose whether or not to leave a little bit of growth (landing strip); it’s a matter of personal preference on the amount of growth to be removed. 

The Brazilian Bikini is best for those who want to completely remove all frontal hair.  The final option is the Brazilian Extended, which covers the entire front and back area.  This procedure includes everything in Brazilian Bikini, plus the anal area.

Learn more about Brazilian laser hair removal.

Bikini basic vs. bikini extended vs. Brazilian Bikini vs. Brazilian Extended at our video blog.

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