Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare: Post Treatment

Laser hair removal aftercare is important, especially if this is your first time. You did it! You made it through the first laser hair removal treatment. You might have been nervous, but the office staff prepared you well, and it went just fine, didn’t it? Did you pay attention when you were given your post-procedure instructions? If not, don’t worry; we’re going to go over them again right now. Here are the tips that you need to remember for laser hair removal aftercare.

After Your First Laser Hair Removal

Expect Itchy Skin

Apply aloe during the first day to help relieve redness and sensitivity. Your skin may feel a bit itchy and irritated for about 24 hours after the treatment. This is normal. A lotion, aloe gel, or hydrocortisone cream can help to help your skin calm down. Remember that if irritation persists beyond 24 hours, you should put in a call to your laser hair removal specialist; it’s most likely that nothing is wrong, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Skin Care: Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Don’t skip out on or skimp on the sunscreen. We know; sunscreen can be a pain, but it’s not as painful as a sunburn on freshly lasered skin will be! Slather on enough so that you are well-protected. As a side benefit, using ample amounts of sunscreen will help to keep your skin as light as possible, which will make your next laser hair removal treatment as effective as possible. Be sure to avoid heat and sun exposure, saunas, tanning beds, hot tubs as well as hot baths and showers for the first 72 after your laser hair removal treatment. The extra heat following a treatment can result in an overtreatment of a specific area, which can lead to development of adverse reactions. Learn more about protecting your skin here.

Shedding Hair

Exfoliate. For the next two or three weeks, you’ll start to notice what looks like blackheads cropping up or hair growing back on the area that was just lasered. Don’t panic; this is normal! It’s just the hair beginning to shed, and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Starting 48-72 hours after your laser hair removal treatment, start exfoliating.  Use a washcloth, puffy shower sponge, a loofah  or an exfoliating shower wash to help the process along. Don’t use anything very rough, like a gritty salt scrub though, because it is too rough, remember that your skin is still sensitive.

Can I Shave After My First Laser Hair Removal?

Put away the tweezers. Don’t even think about plucking new hair growth. You can go ahead and shave, trim or use a chemical depilatory, but no tweezing, waxing or threading that will remove the hair from its shaft. What that means is that the laser won’t be able to do its job in eliminating those hairs during the next treatment. Stop using the Nair or other depilatory at least two days before your next treatment.

Medical Status Before & After Laser Treatment

Let other healthcare providers know about your laser hair removal, and let your laser hair removal specialist know about any other medications or treatments you are on. This is to prevent any complications; if you are on certain antibiotics or other medications, you might need to postpone your next hair removal treatment. We will ask you about your health history each time you visit, so be sure to have a list of any new medications that you are on when you come. Learn more about choosing your laser hair removal specialist here.

Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Last but not least, the most important laser hair removal aftercare tip is to call your specialist with any questions or concerns. We are here for you during regular office hours for all questions, as well as in the evening and on the weekends if you have a serious concern that can’t wait. There are no silly questions! If you are concerned about any facet of your health or your laser hair removal treatment, then you should be on the phone calling us.

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